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Why Businesses Need A Smart Website

20 Jul, 2017

Why Businesses Need A Smart Website

Did you know 93% of purchase decisions start with a search engine?

This figure is increasing given the steady improvement of smartphones and social media technologies. In short, here are 4 reasons why businesses need a smart website:

#1 Trust Worthiness & Credibility

Having a website will make your Business look more credible and trustworthy online. A website allows you to showcase your business goods & services locally & all around the world. If customers are unable to find you online they will simply move on and write you off as an option. A great website will help to reassure and inform customers directly that you can provide them with what they need.

#2 Improved User Experience

A great website, If created properly, will be an asset and not a liability. Simply put, a website must be created to fit the customer and not the owner. When customers become the focus only then will a website fulfill its true purpose. A website must be able to take customers on a smooth painless journey with the desired outcome in mind. A website with these factors and implemented will see great results & higher online sales conversion.

#3 Cost Effective Marketing Capabilities

Web sites give business owners the ability to be able to promote and advertise their goods & services to the world. Gone are the days of huge marketing budgets spent on print. With social media, a website is potentially what will make or break your business success. With Search Engines being the fountains of knowledge having a website will allow you to use marketing mediums like SEO and PPC Ads. You can now reach 10’s of 1000’s of people online simply through a facebook post or an online Advert.

#4 Times Are Changing & Being Online Is Everything

Remember those yellow page phone books everyone used to have? One would scourer through to find a business service/product and the corresponding contact number and probably mark the page in case it closed accidentally. Now, think of the last time you used yellow pages to find a business or service? Since the birth of the internet, Directories as such have struggled to keep their footing and are disappearing. 98% of customers now refer to search engines directly so to have a website that can reach this traffic online is essential.

Here at Front Page Digital, we believe in smart website design. Customer experience and conversion is everything online and so with our years of experience, we can help you to create a website that can attract and convert customers online.

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