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Is Your Business On Google? If Not, Here’s What You’re Missing Out On…

11 Oct, 2017

Is Your Business On Google? If Not, Here’s What You’re Missing Out On…

Today, Almost everyone has a smartphone! Everyone knows what Facebook is and the Web is where we go when searching for products, services or whatever it is we’re looking for. No Wifi means no access to social media or our favourite live streams of the Aussies vs The All Blacks(Bugger!) 

No matter what business you may have, a number of daily searches made by people through Google are numbered in the hundreds of thousands.

It’s almost become impossible for us to live or operate without the internet and the irony is that its something that hasn’t really been around for a long time. This brings me to the point of where, If we as people cannot really live without Internet, How then can our Businesses live without it? 

The point I’m trying to make here is that If your Business is not Online, Your missing out big time!

Here are 5 things you’re missing out on: 

1. Customers! (Tons of them)

Thousands of customers are out there looking for your goods and services however they make their decisions based on what companies show up in their google search results when they are searching. Because you are not Online, these ‘would be customers’ are now going to your competitor! 

2. Automated Qualified Leads

You are missing out on qualified potential leads who are interested in what you have to offer. Google search campaigns allow you to focus on your core business while your business gets featured to already interested customers online. 

3.  Business Phone Calls

Is your phone not ringing enough that you have to sometimes pull it out and double check you haven’t put it on silent mode by mistake?… If this is you, Being on Google will open you up to more business phone calls which essentially allow you to quote more customers and also close more business.

4. Revenue & Profit

This is a no-brainer. Yes, think of all the money on the table that you miss out on simply because your competitor has a website and has invested 30 minutes of their time to get everything set up. Increase your bottom line by making sure your business is on google search today. 

5. The Boat

Yes, If you’re not on Google, You’re essentially going to miss the boat. This is the time to get onboard! This is the time to seize the day! Never has there been a better time to be on Google than today! The days of where we used to go to a directory like yellow pages are basically over. In Today’s era customers simply ‘Google It’ when trying to find products & services.  If you want to stay relevant and competitive in Today’s market, You must adapt. 


If you would like to put your business on Google,  It’s not too late! 

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It’s not too late! The longer you wait, the more you miss out!